Large First Aid Kit Boasts Growing Fanbase

Surviveware’s Large First Aid Kit Preferred by Loyal Brand Customers

Woodbridge, United States - December 3, 2018 /MarketersMedia/ —

There are a limited few who can change their clients to be long-time product partners, and this can be done by providing unprecedented customer service coupled with the company’s understanding of their needs. Of such, Surviveware, a leading hiking and survival gear company is efficiently doing.

Surviveware is a small, family-owned business that strives to continuously ensure that every customer experience is one-on-one customer service with the company. Moreover, the owners of Surviveware listen to the needs and requirements of their market. One of this requests is the creation of a large first aid kit.

To address their clients’ growing demand for a full-blown first aid kit, Surviveware, maker of the highly reliable Small First Aid Kit, recently launches a bigger version of their product: the Expanded First Aid Kit. This pack contains the same amount of versatility, functionality, and convenience of its predecessor.

Packed with 200 life-saving supplies, this kit can be used to address both minor and major injuries. The kit contains adhesives, steri-strips, alcohol and cleansing wipes, bandages, gauze swabs, and non-adhesive dressing. It is also packed with supplies needed for treating splinters, bruises, and insect bites. In addition, other supplies such as shears, hydrogel, whistles, and CPR kit are included in this 10” x 7.25” x 5” bag. The company leveled up the preparedness measures by adding an advanced first aid handbook into this fully-furnished pack.

These supplies are protected by a 600D Polyester bag which helps keep off moisture and frost. Moreover, additional protection was placed into these supplies by putting them into resealable laminate pouches — these further secure the items from water and dirt which can penetrate the bag. In addition, this large first aid kit floats on water, so owners don’t have to worry about unintentionally dropping it on water.

Two featured reviews about this large first aid kit showcase the reason why this large first aid kit is becoming one of the trusted products by survivalists and preparedness enthusiasts. Both reviews highlight their respective experiences with the company as well as with the expanded first aid kit.

“This is a comprehensive emergency kit! It's beautifully thought out. I also have the mini in my day bag, the medium size attached to my range bag, and I'll be keeping this large first aid kit in my camper. It's good quality, and well supplied. I've been lucky enough not to need it yet, but the bandaids stick better than any brand I've used in my whole life! You can't go wrong with this purchase.”

“I come across Surviverware products in the middle of 2018 while getting things together for a trip into the boonies up in Northern Ontario, I purchased their much smaller kit, found it to be fabulous and a great purchase. When they came out with this larger one later on it was a no-brainer to make another purchase. I find the quality to be top notch and you will not find better customer service anywhere. I love this large kit, and I'm sure I will be purchasing future products from this great company.”

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